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Everything you need to know about moving to Denmark

For many people a move to Denmark is triggered by a desire for change, the location, or a new family opportunity. For others it is due to changing circumstances in their home locale, or a better job market elsewhere.

Denmark has much to offer expats. Crime and unemployment rates are low and the country is known for its legislative ease of doing business. Living standards are high and the strong focus on social welfare, education, sport, culture and family make for a good balance between work and play.

If you're planning to relocate for business, family or lifestyle reasons (or maybe for a little of all three), AngloINFO Denmark is here to help. Here's where you'll find all the essential information you need for your move, from finding a home to organising healthcare. And once you're settled, your local AngloINFO website will connect you to the local international community.

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